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Kelprojektas won a gold medal in the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2020 awards

Kelprojektas won a gold medal in the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2020 awards. The competition, organized by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists for the 24th time, is designed to honor the most significant products and services that have been recognized in the market.

A major repair project of the section of the state highway No. A1 Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipėda from 100.47 to 101.79 km was nominated for the awards. The leader of this project was Dainius Gečas, the head of Kaunas road sector, and Genius Boruta, the senior project manager.

The designed section is part of the East-West transport corridor in the Republic of Lithuania, which is recognized as a project of special national importance, and belongs to the IXB international transport corridor, the trans-European road network and European roads. The overhauled section of the A1 Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipėda road from 100.47 to 101.79 km was heavily loaded at the beginning of the design. Traffic jams were constantly formed here during both the western and eastern peaks, which is why this section of the road was characterized by a high accident rate.

-   The aim of this project was to separate transit and local traffic flows, to extend the length of the interchange lane of the shopping center Mega intersection and thus to ensure greater traffic safety. The section was distributed to 10 traffic lanes, additional acceleration and deceleration lanes were installed, as well as a retaining wall and a more than 1 km long noise barrier on the left side of the A1 road were installed, says Dainius Gečas, Head of Kaunas Road Sector.

The section at the shopping center Mega intersection has been reconstructed into a category I road of 6 lanes. To ensure traffic safety, two traffic lanes have been additionally designed at the entrances and exits of the intersection, which are separated by safety islands. In order to safely enter and exit these lanes on the main road were designed changing lanes. There are 3 lanes for transport in the direction of Vilnius – Klaipėda. Two traffic lanes have been additionally designed to turn from the main road to Vytėnai settlement and to PC Mega. In order to exit this intersection to the main road, new traffic lanes were additionally designed and the possibility of further traffic movement in the directions of Klaipėda, Marijampolė and Domeikava was left. To exit the intersection in the direction of Vilnius, two additional lanes were also designed, separated by security islands. On the left side of the intersection, the connecting road in the direction of Kaunas – Vilnius has been redesigned.

This project will substantially increase traffic capacity and safety on the A1 highway and the public will save 8 million hours per year the losses of time in traffic jams in this stretch of road.