Major repair project of the section of the state highway No. A1 Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipėda from 100.47 to 101.79 km
Product of the Year 2020 in Lithuania
Pedestrian and Cyclist Viaduct Project through Narbuto str. in Vilnius
Product of the Year 2019 in Lithuania
Grigiškės Transport Node Reconstruction Project Stage III
Product of the Year 2018 in Lithuania
Reconstruction project of the highway A5 Kaunas-Marijampolė-Suvalkai section from 35.40 to 45.15 km
Product of the Year 2018 in Lithuania
Movable bridge over the river Dane on the street Pilis, in Klaipeda, reconstruction project 

Kelprojektas announces the Year 2014 to be a success: 42 percent higher income and start-up in Sweden

Consolidated income of Kelprojektas Group in 2014 reached 11.69 million euro, i.e. 42 percent more as compared to 2013, when income totaled 8.23 million euro.

Kelprojektas Group comprises the biggest transport infrastructure engineering company in the country – "Kelprojektas", territorial planning company – "Urbanistika", and technical supervision company – "Kelvista". The latter has joined the Group in May last year, when Kelprojektas acquired 100 percent of shares in this company.

"Successful performance of Kelprojektas Group is a result of methodical and professional work of the entire team. Last year we have implemented a number of interesting and elaborate strategic projects, also have actively invested into modern and smart tools, which enabled our specialists to work in a more expeditious and efficient way. From the last year we can distinguish such events as Kelvista's merger with the Group and expansion to Sweden, where we have signed our first contracts of engineering services", – told Algimantas Medžiaušis, CEO of Kelprojektas, UAB.

Investing into innovations and modern tools will remain one of the fundamental trends of Kelprojektas activities. This will enable the Group to strengthen its core competencies, thus, its leading position, and to successfully expand to foreign markets. Having commenced the activities in Sweden last year, this year Kelprojektas will continue searching for the opportunities to expand on this market and strengthening the company's position in Estonia.

Successful activities of Kelprojektas last year were crowned with three prestigious awards. One of them was the award in the "Most Intellectual Workplace" category of the "Service of the Year 2014" competition organized by the Lithuanian Business Confederation granted for the application of innovative document management system Autodesk Vault in the road and street engineering.

Moreover, the project of construction of bypass to the east of Panemunė with a bridge over the Neman River prepared by Kelprojektas was recognized to be the "Best Road Project of the Year" at the competition organized by the Lithuanian Road Administration and the Lithuanian Roads Association. The third award of 2014 was a gold medal at the "Lithuanian Product of the Year" competition awarded by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists for the project of reconstruction of the road A9 Panevėžys-Šiauliai stretch from 59.7 to 75.63 km (including Kairiai bypass).