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Movable bridge over the river Dane on the street Pilis, in Klaipeda, reconstruction project 

Kelprojektas to engage in the development of reconstruction design of Bastionų Street with a bridge over the Danė River

Kelprojektas in cooperation with its partners – Dutch engineering consultancy firm Royal HaskoningDHV and architects office Andrijauskas ir partneriai – will develop a reconstruction design of Bastionų Street with a bridge over the Danė River in Klaipėda. Engineering works should commence still this year and total value of works will reach 850 thousand euros.

"It is a unique project, which will demand broad expertise of Kelprojektas specialists. A territory intended for the street and bridge construction enters Klaipėda old town territory, therefore, the project will have to meet the engineering, heritage conservation, and landscape requirements, also meet the urban transport infrastructure needs", – says Algimantas Medžiaušis, CEO of Kelprojektas, UAB.

Bridges over the DanėRiver in Klaipėda have been built since the 13th century; however, with the course of time, they had become the continuation of the road. The new bridge of Bastionų Street is designed by taking into account the history of construction of city bridges, therefore, it will improve the urban infrastructure and perform a representational function of the city – become the city gates to old Klaipėda.

The implementation of the project will take place in two stages. The first stage will cover the reconstruction of Bastionų Street from the DanėRiver to Gluosnių Street, the construction of new bridge over the DanėRiver, as well as the reconstruction the DanėRiver embankment. The second stage will proceed with the reconstruction of Bastionų Street from Gluosnių to Bangų Street.

The specialists of Kelprojektas will carry out exhaustive engineering geodetic and geological surveys as well as the environmental impact assessment. The implementation of the project will involve the rearrangement of utility infrastructure – lighting, electronic communications, water supply, and sewage. Design solutions will be implemented in the territory of cultural heritage; therefore, archeological studies will be carried out as well.

The bridge of Bastionų Street and access to it are planned in a non built-up area of the city. By taking into account the development of shipping traffic and urban infrastructure in the future, the construction of a drawbridge was chosen. A winch-type lifting mechanism with sculptured pylons and levers was chosen for lifting the bridge. Such original solution is interconnected with the historical tradition and the surrounding landscape – flat near-shore zone and a housing estate that will appear in the neighborhood in the future.

The reconstruction of Bastionų Street will help to reduce the traffic on Tiltų Street. It is planned to design a four-lane street and to install traffic-lights at the crossings to control the traffic of vehicles and pedestrians. In order to improve the functioning of public communication lines for passengers, it is provided to designate the outer lanes for public transport and to build the bus stops.

All traffic participants will be taken into consideration where modeling the traffic on Bastionų Street. This will ensure a well-balanced traffic of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. A bicycle lane will be designed on the right side of the street, pedestrian walkways – on both sides of the street, and they will be separated from the carriageway with the help of green median strip. Measures provided in the project will also ensure the mobility needs of people with disabilities.

The reconstruction of the Danė River embankment will include the renovation of its front side above and under the water, also the surface of stairs and the pavement at the quay.