Major repair project of the section of the state highway No. A1 Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipėda from 100.47 to 101.79 km
Product of the Year 2020 in Lithuania
Pedestrian and Cyclist Viaduct Project through Narbuto str. in Vilnius
Product of the Year 2019 in Lithuania
Grigiškės Transport Node Reconstruction Project Stage III
Product of the Year 2018 in Lithuania
Reconstruction project of the highway A5 Kaunas-Marijampolė-Suvalkai section from 35.40 to 45.15 km
Product of the Year 2018 in Lithuania
Movable bridge over the river Dane on the street Pilis, in Klaipeda, reconstruction project 

Kelprojektas will be designing roads in Estonia for nearly 3 million litas

Kelprojektas signed two contracts in Estonia worth nearly 2,79M litas when taken together. In accordance with the terms of the tenders won, Kelprojektas will implement two projects: one of them involves preparing the technical project for the Kose-Võõbu section of the nationally-important E263 road. It is valued at 2,16M litas. In accordance with the second contract, valued at 637k litas, specialists from Kelprojektas will prepare the road-building project for the Talin-Pärnu-Ikla highway.

"These tenders we won are the result of active, purposeful work in Estonia. We are happy that we can share our experience with our neighbours, the Estonians, by optimizing the road network in Estonia. With reference to the agreements concluded we currently occupy more than 20 percent of the transport infrastructure planning market in Estonia. We have a strong group of local partners, an international team consisting of local employees of the Estonian branch of Kelprojektas as well as us, the Lithuanians - active, fearless specialists, able to cooperate dashingly in several different languages to solve complex technical issues, gaining the immeasurable experience of working in another country at the same time," says Algimantas Medžiaušis, CEO of Kelprojektas UAB.

The Kose-Võõbu road is part of one of the most demanding roads in Estonia, the E263 Talinas – Tartu – Võru – Luhamaa. The road is exceptionally twisty, with more than 100 crossroads - which is why many traffic accidents take place there each year. 36 traffic accidents took place during 2009-2013 on the section of the road designated for reconstruction, with 4 people dead and 32 people injured. Such accidents happen primarily due to vehicles driving off the road and colliding with vehicles going in the opposite direction.

"Engineering means and solutions will be applied to the project to ensure traffic safety, comfort and harmony between the road and its environment. We are planning to design and build around 1,5 km of noise-reducing walls. The main road will be enclosed to prevent interference from animals, with zones under bridges being used to facilitate their natural movement from one side of the road to the other, in archways for the flow of water, three crossing zones of one level, equipped with sensors and warning signs and two animal crossings of different levels will be installed," says Algirdas Alijošius, Development Director of Kelprojektas.

According to A. Alijošius, there are plans to lay the 28 km long four-lane road anew, install 16 km of road links and lay a 3,3 km worth of bike lanes. A large part of the track finds itself in the peatlands, and as such detailed geotechnical works will be carried out during planning. In addition, crossroads with viaducts will be installed at different levels. 8 bridges will be built at the points where the road crosses the river.

For the second project for the Talin-Pärnu-Iklahighway, Kelprojektas will conduct thorough geodetic, geological and sound pollution investigations. To improve the safety and capacity of this road, the road's reconstruction project prepared by specialists will include 2 plus 1 passing lanes. The specialists of Kelprojektas will also prepare the preliminary project for the Kernu detour to the Talin-Pärnu-Ikla road.

At present, Kelprojektas is implementing 5 more road and 1 railway reconstruction project in Estonia: the reconstruction projects of the Tartu bypass and 4 separate sections of district roads in the Sourthern region of Estonia; and the project for the railway stretches of "Rail Baltica" in Estonia between the Harju, Rapla and Pärnu districts. The overall value of the works being carried out is more than 6M litas.