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Kelprojektas to work out the design solutions for the reconstruction of the stretch of Via Baltica international motorway

Kelprojektas won the tender, organized by the Lithuanian Road Administration, meant for the preparation of design solutions for the reconstruction of the highway Kaunas-Marijampolė-Suvalkai (A5). The company's specialists will work out the design solutions for the reconstruction of the stretch of this road, which belongs to Via Baltica international motorway, from 57.7 km to 97.06 km. The value of engineering works totals 3.59 million litas.

"Via Baltica international motorway is an important transport corridor for the Baltic States. Therefore, one of the basic assignments for Kelprojektas in this project is to ensure maximum safe traffic conditions in regard to all possible road users by providing the best reconstruction solutions", – told Algimantas Medžiaušis, CEO of Kelprojektas, UAB.

A5 highway characterizes for intensity and high accident rate. According to the Lithuanian Road Administration, approximately 9000 vehicles pass this stretch from 57.7 km to 97.06 km during 24 hours, whereas by the Year 2025 the number of vehicles should increase to 11000. 61 percent of vehicles that pass are commercial vehicles. According to the Lithuanian Road Administration, especially many pedestrians die in this road stretch – it comprises 15 percent of all traffic accidents in this stretch. One of the leading causes of these accidents is the collision of vehicles driving in the opposite directions. The cause of such accident rate is the lack of tunnels, viaducts, level intersections, and such other engineering solutions.

According to Audrius Stonius, Project Manager of Road Department at Kelprojektas, with a view to discover the most optimal solutions for the reconstruction of the road stretch of A5 highway, the specialists of Kelprojektas will work out at least 3 different design solution options. The first option will offer the reconstruction of the existing road stretch without making any changes in the route; other design solution options will offer the new locations for the construction of the road.

The specialists of Kelprojektas will commence the works of A5 highway reconstruction project from civil engineering, economic, and such other surveys. Road users will be given considerable attention – their social and economic needs as well as the possibilities to meet the same will be analyzed in detail in view of characteristics of the road. Eventual impact of road reconstruction on the existing and potential territories under Natura 2000 environmental program will also be analyzed.

The second stage of works will cover the preparation of design solutions for road reconstruction. Kelprojektas team of specialists will present the solutions for road reconstruction in consideration of the access roads to the sites, connective roads, as well as existing and potential locations for at-grade or grade separated intersections. Viaducts will be designed across the level crossings and such other roads, bridges will be envisaged across the rivers.