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Nomination of the most intellectual workplace to Kelprojektas

The prestigious nomination "The Service of the Year 2014" in the category of the "Most Intellectual Workplace" was granted to the country's largest transport infrastructure engineering company Kelprojektas. The award of the competition organized by the Lithuanian Business Confederation is the first, granted to Kelprojektas. It was granted for the application of progressive document management system Autodesk Vault in the road and street design.

"Our goal – to provide the best quality services, and they are ensured by a competitive, efficiently working team. Modern work tools, such as Autodesk Vault system, is one of the ways to ensure the efficiency of our specialists, as it enables to manage work processes in faster and easier way, to use all possibilities offered by design software", told Mr. Algimantas Medžiaušis, CEO of Kelprojektas.

According to Mr. Medžiaušis, a number of Kelprojektas divisions and units participate in the design of roads. Previously, they performed a part of their project separately, and shared information by e-mail, intranet, therefore it was necessary to track updated document versions and to check the timely provision of data. Such a process required additional working time.

After starting the application of Autodesk Vault, specialists and units participating in the projects may organize, manage and monitor the process in the common system. There is no need to send documents by e-mail, intranet or any other way, to track their updates. This way document mistakes, discrepancies are avoided, whereas the work goes smoother and faster.

Installation of the document management system Autodesk Vault was started at the end of 2012. Since the second quarter of 2014, all new projects have been prepared by Kelprojektas only using Autodesk Vault. This way up to 20 percent of time costs of different specialists is saved. It is forecasted that from 2015, the total number of saved working hours in the road design will reach 10 percent. The total amount of investments into the software amounts to LTL 2.35 million.

The Lithuanian Business Confederation has organized elections of the "Service of the Year" for the second year in a row. The special nomination "The Most Intellectual Workplace" is granted for a workplace provided technologically and intellectually, that enables to create high added-value, competitive services and products, improve a company's operational efficiently and reduce operating costs.

The award of the "Most Intellectual Workplace" is not the first acknowledgment of Kelprojektas seeking to install progressive solutions recognized in the whole world. In 2012, Kelprojektas won an award "An Innovative Enterprise 2012" for the application of modern technologies together with modern management methods and investment into its employees. In 2013, Kelprojektas was awarded a national quality management prize in the category of medium-sized enterprises for constant installation of progressive and innovative solutions in the field of business process management, personnel management, policy and strategy.