Major repair project of the section of the state highway No. A1 Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipėda from 100.47 to 101.79 km
Product of the Year 2020 in Lithuania
Pedestrian and Cyclist Viaduct Project through Narbuto str. in Vilnius
Product of the Year 2019 in Lithuania
Grigiškės Transport Node Reconstruction Project Stage III
Product of the Year 2018 in Lithuania
Reconstruction project of the highway A5 Kaunas-Marijampolė-Suvalkai section from 35.40 to 45.15 km
Product of the Year 2018 in Lithuania
Movable bridge over the river Dane on the street Pilis, in Klaipeda, reconstruction project 

Public Spaces in Alytus and Jonava Renovated by Implementing Kelprojektas’ Projects

The cities of Alytus and Jonava were renovated according to the public space design projects prepared by Kelprojektas, the largest Lithuanian company operating in the field of transport infrastructure design. The state-of-the-art solutions employed in the renovation will ensure a more convenient and safer transportation system by also contributing the creation of more environmentally friendly and aesthetically attractive cities.

A roundabout was constructed at the intersection of Vilniaus and Kauno Streets in Alytus, and a complex renovation of the public spaces of the Old Town Square and the surrounding streets was carried out. The renovation works at the city square were necessary because up to today this part of the city has been neglected. After the renovation of the pavement and the construction of the plazas and the fountain this public space became a new object of attraction for the residents of Alytus as well as the guests of the city.
"The implementation of the project improved the traffic in the center of the city. This allows avoiding traffic jams and also protects the environment as less exhaust gas is discharged into the air. After the reconstruction Alytus City became one of the few Lithuanian cities which have energy efficient lighting. Special LED lamps with low energy consumption were installed on the city streets. These lamps also contribute to the safety as the lighting increases the level of visibility, especially in bad weather conditions," said Dovydas Banys, Project Manager of the Construction Department of Kelprojektas.

"The design of public spaces in Lithuanian cities and towns is an important area of activity for Kelprojektas. The reconstruction of the public spaces in the cities of Alytus and Jonava are our latest implemented projects. The local city governments have assessed our work as exemplary for its high quality and swiftness, and our specialists were respectively awarded. We highly value such recognition from the governments as much as the favorable feedback from the city residents during the official opening ceremony of the objects," narrated Algimantas Medžiaušis, General Manager of Kelprojektas UAB.
The transportation means in Jonava were also improved after renovating the infrastructure connecting the most important locations in the city: the hospital, the schools, the municipality building, the cultural center and other objects. The specialists of Kelprojektas designed a bicycle/ pedestrian trail of almost 2 km in length, constructed stairways and retaining walls, and ensured safe lighting.

"Non-typical solutions were chosen in Jonava to increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The new trails for pedestrians and bikers were very distinctly separated by using different colors and imprints on the pavement. Also, different outline of the pavement was used to give the bikers an advance warning about the upcoming dangerous stretches of the trail," noted D. Banys.

A contemporary smart system for assessing traffic flows was installed to ensure favorable traffic conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. The system measures the traffic intensity, allows estimating traffic flows more precisely and contributes to making better solutions concerning traffic flow management.